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TMT Bar Manufacturers - Rajuri Steels and TMT Bars

  • Rajuri 500

    Rajuri 500 Bars are reputed for their unique ductility and corrosion-resistant properties. As the manufacturing process utilizes HSE Thermex technology from Germany, it has elongation values that give it excellent bend properties. The bars are strongly corrosion-resistant because the carbides that commonly cause corrosion do not form because of controlled water cooling. Improved corrosion resistance is also a result of the absence of surface stress from the cold twisting process.

  • Rajuri 500D Plus

    Rajuri Steels, pioneers in adopting new technology to manufacturing rebars, developed the 500D plus bars with a unique composition with high elongation values of 18-25% which makes it further suitable to bear seismic loads efficiently. It is stronger, has higher thermal stability and shows better bendability. The use of 500D plus bars results in 15-20% in steel consumption and is thus recommended amongst the community of Structural Designers and Engineers. RAJURI 500D plus ensures greater safety due to high elongation values of 18-25%. RAJURI 500D plus fulfils international quality norms.

  • Rajuri 6mm TMT Bars

    Rajuri keeps pace with innovation for the benefit of customers, who are looking to save on material use as well as their construction cost. To help them optimize the usage of steel in RCC structures, we bring you the most technologically advanced 6mm TMT rebar. There are several areas/applications where the use of the 6mm TMT rebar is particularly apt, and there is no compromise of strength while saving on material.

  • Rajuri Ringer Stirrups

    The objective of using RINGER stirrups is to ensure that TMT rebars are held in position so that the columns and beams do not sag. The stirrup can also be placed for transverse reinforcement in a diagonal manner, which helps in avoiding beam cracks that can result from shear failure. You will save construction time and get uniform quality when you purchase Rajuri RINGER stirrups.

  • Rajuri Binding Wire

    In RCC construction, its role is to keep the Rajuri TMT rebars in their exact position and to maintain a cage in the structural section. This is accomplished by knotting at intersections by means of binding wire of mild steel, which is also called annealed wire. It serves its binding purpose at the intersection of longitudinal and transverse reinforcement. For dependable quality, you look to a brand you are already purchasing material from.

  • Rajuri 500 CRS

    This is a remarkable product from Rajuri Steels – 500 CRS with longer life, superior resistance to corrosion, easier material handling, and suitable in quake prone areas. Longer life due to superior pitting corrosion resistance. It is a bar produced from corrosion-resistant billets through the continuous casting process (Concast). The billets which have a proper balance of copper, phosphorus and chromium give the CRS bar its useful properties. The product is manufactured through the ‘Quenching and Self Tempering Process (TMT)’ provided by Thermex, Germany.

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